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Giving back to the mountains
their most precious gift

The mountains possess the unique ability to mesmerise their visitors. Their landscapes and natural beauty deserve to be accessible to all and cherished for their true value.

As residents of these mountains, deeply connected to this land, and professionals in mountain real estate, we witness firsthand the impact of climate change on our environment.

Preserving the mountains is not merely an option but an imperative. Our profound connection to the peaks, ingrained since the inception of Cimalpes, compels us to contemplate the future of our Alpine retreats.

In line with our daily practices within the company, we recognise the need to take further action.

"Each of us can play a part, if only we know how."
Cyril Dion
notable French writer, director, and environmental advocate

How can we make a difference on our own scale?

An operation like Cimalpes bears the responsibility of safeguarding our communities, particularly in Alpine environments. Our human-sized institution allows for greater agility and prompt action. Moreover, as a local stakeholder deeply rooted in the Alps, we unite property owners, service providers, and suppliers in supporting outstanding organisations. Our strength lies in our ability to foster genuine human connections that drive meaningful change.

To bring this commitment to life, we've launched the "Mountain Care Project."

With humility and perseverance, inspired by the remarkable actions of dedicated individuals and organisations, we strive to adopt a constructive approach that benefits our extraordinary environment, promotes responsible economic practices, and fosters a harmonious way of life.