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Endowment fund
for committed organisations

Endowment fund
for committed organisations

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The Mountain
Care Project

The Mountain Care Project is an endowment fund designed to support and assist environmental conservation organisations and initiatives promoting social diversity in mountainous regions. Initiated by the employees of Cimalpes, the Mountain Care Project aims to support selected organisations, focusing on these two core missions.

The mountains provide an extraordinary playground, yet tourism has a significant impact on their landscapes and ecosystems. Remarkable organisations work tirelessly to educate, preserve, and raise awareness among all audiences.

As an economic stakeholder whose activities rely on the attractiveness of our regions, it seems evident to us to contribute financially and actively participate in the missions of organisations dedicated to the protection and promotion of our Alpine regions.


Our goal : supporting

Environmental protection

The Mountain Care Project supports organisations actively working towards the protection of natural spaces and implementing long-term actions.

Social diversity

The Mountain Care Project supports organisations enabling all audiences to discover the treasures of our mountains.

The organisation selection process

Identification of organisations meeting the criteria of the Mountain Project

Expansion of the list with input from Cimalpes employees.

Preliminary selection of organisation by the Steering Committee members

Contact with the organisations and presentation the Mountain Care Project

Presentation of the projects to the Steering Committee members, employees, and property owners

The organisations supported by the Mountain Care Project meet two criteria:

  • Geographical criterion

    We support organisations active within our Alpine regions.

  • Thematic criterion

    We support organisations working towards environmental protection and/or social diversity in mountainous regions.

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The endowment fund consists of a steering committee comprised of 8 Cimalpes, as well as a member of the Cimalpes Team composed of elite skiers.

Our team

mountain care project fonctionnement


The funding of the Mountain Care Project is tripartite:


As the driving force behind the project, Cimalpes contributes to the fund from its revenue. This translates to a €50 donation per transaction and €1 for each rental. Cimalpes' involvement in the Mountain Care Project constitutes one-third of the total funds raised.

Mandating property owners

Driven by their love for our mountains, property owners under Cimalpes rental management contribute a nominal fee (ranging from €5 to €50, depending on property type) per rental to the endowment fund.

Partners and suppliers

Cimalpes' partners and suppliers support the Mountain Care Project based on the business volume they generate through their collaboration with Cimalpes. This results in Cimalpes levying an "ecobonus" from its partners in support of organisations within the Mountain Care Project.


Promotion of Alpine regions

Support for local talents: Cimalpes Team

Support for local organisations.


Carbon emission reduction

Mobility plan

Internal awareness




Well-being at work

Skills sponsorship


Job creation

Local suppliers


About us

Since its establishment in 2003, Cimalpes has infused professionalism, transparency, and innovation into its field of expertise: the real estate and tourism market in the French Alps. At the intersection of real estate and hospitality, and prioritising a decidedly human approach to its profession, Cimalpes brings together property owners, buyers, and holidaymakers in the heart of the most beautiful destinations in the Alps.

The Mountain Care Project was born from the initiative of Cimalpes employees deeply committed to the region. With over 200 employees passionate about the mountains, they aim to integrate their profession with environmental respect.