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Preserving our environment

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The Mountain Care Project supports organisations working to protect the environment in Alpine regions.

Protect our winters

The organisation

Protect Our Winters France brings together a community of professional athletes who are directly confronted with the realities of climate change in their favourite playground: the mountains. Born from a common passion to act for the climate, POW now gathers a community of professional athletes, scientists, brands, and territories wanting to take positive action to instigate systemic and cultural change.

POW is committed to two main causes:

  • • Amplifying the voice of the outdoor community in favour of climate action.
    • Supporting a transition to 100% low-carbon mobility, both for mountain travel and everyday life.

POW offers concrete action plans for individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint or advocate more fervently for climate defence among their circles. The organisation provides tools for low-carbon mobility in the mountains, awareness-raising programmes, and regular event programming to maintain its presence and effectiveness among citizens.

The organisation aims to increase its capacity to act “upstream” of events and key moments that frame and give sustainable direction to our country and Alpine regions: elections, consultations, major sports events, etc.

POW aspires to support all passionate individuals in their daily commitment, but also to support projects that allow for the emergence of laws and regulations that will move society as a whole: transportation policies, textile industry regulations, air quality preservation, etc.

Une Bouteille à la Mer

The organisation

Une Bouteille à la Mer aims to mobilise all stakeholders in outdoor activities, from brands to athletes, from carriers to retailers, from committed activists to environmental professionals, to collectively implement simple and concrete solutions to respect the environment in which we live.

Une Bouteille à la Mer uses imagery: through films and photo campaigns for the press and social networks, as well as exhibition kits to allow all cities, organisations, institutions, foundations, schools, festivals, etc., to create their own exhibitions free of charge to raise awareness among all audiences.

The organisation is producing the documentary entitled “AIR.”

Even in the most remote areas of the Alps, the air we breathe is affected by human activities. A research laboratory in Grenoble has developed a sensor that is unique in its small size and portability, which allows for the simple measurement of air quality. This sensor has been replicated and entrusted only to those capable of reaching inaccessible peaks, rising above known altitudes, and delving deep into valleys.

These are elite athletes participating in this experiment: Xavier Thevenard, ultra-trail champion; Chloé Trespeuch, Olympic snowboard vice-champion; Vivian Bruchez, steep-line skier; Marie Bochet, 8-time Paralympic ski champion, are multi-medal-winning champions coveted by sponsors, who have chosen to embark on a year-long adventure.


The organisation

This organisation aims to popularise peasant agriculture and support initiatives that have positive repercussions on agricultural employment and consequently on rural employment in general in the Savoie region.

  • Work on installation methods, production methods, improving working conditions, and forms of work (group work, organising replacements, etc.).
  • Information and training for women, men, and open structures on all subjects participating in rural development.
  • Assistance to farmers in difficulty.

The organisation aims to develop networking among its target audience, as one of the keys to the success of a farm lies in connecting project leaders or newly established individuals with their peers. The objective is to develop networks of existing peasant farmers, notably the group of market gardeners currently supported within the framework of the GIEE “Market Gardening on Living Soil,” or to support women in their profession.

Mountain Riders

The organisation

Mountain Riders is an organisation created in 2001, dedicated to educating and guiding all audiences in the ecological transition in the mountains. The organisation’s philosophy is to raise awareness without moralising. We promote change through the implementation of concrete and positive actions.

Mountain Riders’ actions are structured and driven around 3 project areas:

  • The Education Project
  • The Zero Waste Mountain Project
  • The Green Snowflake Project

The organisation aims to develop the Green Snowflake project. This certification label project encapsulates a set of methods and tools to support mountain communities in ecological, social, and democratic transition.

The 3 main axes of development are:

  • Increasing the visibility of this certification label, especially among the general public, by deploying a communication campaign in the form of videos.
  • Improving support for Alpine communities through tools such as the mountain fresco.
  • Launching training modules for elected officials and technicians.


The organisation

The Névé organisation, created in 2020, aims to raise awareness on issues related to climate change and promote individual and collective action. To achieve this, Névé utilises tools based on scientific facts. The objective is to share climate science as a mediation tool accessible to all audiences.

Névé primarily targets young people. It develops lasting collaborations with educational institutions. 75% of Névé’s activities are aimed at young people, with the remaining 25% directed towards the general public, businesses, and elected officials.
Névé designs and develops its own tools, emphasising scientific approaches, collective intelligence, and fostering interactions and discussions in a horizontal approach.

The organisation aims to develop the following 4 axes:

  1. Design and consolidation of tools for the association
    The first project is an illustrated story for children that tells the story of Luce, a young girl who meets an old glacier in the context of climate change. Névé’s’s goal is to convey a message of hope for the future.
    The second project is the development of the “Climate Investigation.” Recognising that learning is easier when individuals are actively involved, the Climate Investigation invites participants to step into the shoes of scientists and answer research questions in the field of climate, particularly in the Alpine regions. The third project addresses similar issues as the Climate Investigation: it involves the development of the “Glacial Ages Timeline.” This collaborative workshop revolves around a game on a timeline of over 3 meters long, where participants place temporal markers of past and current climate variations.
  2. “Tribe of the Future” project in Grenoble
    The objective of the Tribe of the Future is to train climate ambassadors, young citizens who would be better equipped to discuss climate change and be heard, as well as feel considered within the political sphere. To achieve this, Névé would organise a series of regular meetings (meetings with inspiring personalities, film nights, discovery excursions, site visits, games, etc.) to strengthen the group and develop potential common projects in the field of ecological and social transitions. In a second stage, Névé could support these young people in bringing these projects to fruition.
  3. Conference-show project “Glacial Messages”
    This project is a show during which the links between human worlds and mountain worlds (especially glaciers) are addressed in both a scientific and sensitive manner.
  4. Communication