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The Mountain Care Project supports organisations working to make the mountains accessible to all.

En passant par la montagne

The organisation

En Passant par la Montagne aims to make the mountains accessible to young people and adults facing difficulties so that they can find new momentum there.
Since 1995, the organisation has developed various areas of activity and expertise, becoming the bridge between the medical and social sector and the world of the mountains.

Its two main objectives are:

  • Popular education and training to facilitate access to the mountains for all.
  • Promoting the mountains as a social and educational tool.

The organisation’s project is to develop its “Inclusive Mountain” sports clubs. For several years, En Passant par la Montagne has managed 2 climbing clubs, in Saint-Gervais and Annecy. Since 2021, it has been developing the “Rando pour Tous” (Hiking for All) hiking club in the Chamonix Valley.

These clubs are open to everyone, especially people with disabilities, those affected by illness, the elderly, young people in complex social situations, and separated children. Friendliness and diversity are at the heart of these clubs.
The organisation’s goal is to offer other sports activities to members: mountaineering, interclub days, etc.
It is also the organisation’s aim to highlight its activities in order to increase the number of members.

Les Enfermés Dehors

The organisation

Based around Albertville, Les Enfermés Dehors aims to introduce young people and families who are removed from mountain activities to discover everything they have to offer. The objective is to open young people to their environment, raise awareness about the environmental impact of tourism, promote social cohesion and inclusion by offering immersive workshops or mountain activities throughout the seasons.

The organisation manages two academies:

  • the Junior Academy (ages 6 to 9) which offers various fun mountain activities every Wednesday morning during the school year: hiking, trail maintenance, wild plant and fruit gathering, etc.
  • the Youth Academy (ages 10 to 16): every Wednesday afternoon, excursions are organised for young people: climbing, ski touring, snowshoeing, animal discovery, etc.

The goal of these academies is to transmit a passion for the mountains and involve these young people in a sportive, human, and collective adventure.


The organisation

YAMBI aims to facilitate the integration of displaced persons living in the French Alps through mountain sports and socio-professional support. Mountain activities provide an excellent platform to exchange and share, which in turn can:

  • help refugees overcome the ordeal of asylum seeking and improve their self-esteem, confidence, desire to integrate, and become new actors in their lives.
  • help dismantle prejudices and highlight the benefits of collaboration, living together, and cultural enrichment.

YAMBI also offers support to displaced individuals in their socio-economic projects to help them become fully autonomous. Several courses are offered, including French and computer courses, as well as CV workshops.

The organisation aims to develop and increase the number of hours of French, foreign language, and computer courses for a small group. The organisation also plans to develop sports, artistic, or cultural activities according to the seasons, during which learners can discover the environment, local culture, and establish connections with locals.